Our Paris trip was in 2017, I never got a chance to share them on the blog. They are some of my favorite pictures of Tyler + I, it truly is the city of romance and we couldn’t have picked a better photographer than Ian to capture these moments for us! Taking pictures in paris was actually my favorite day, Ian knows all the local hot spots + tourist spots of course, so he took us walking around they city and we were able to hangout and just be in the moment, while he captured the memories for us. It was magical.

Paris is so dreamy, we went for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday and get some time away together. I’m not going to lie not knowing much french was super had and kind of stressful at times, but I’m so thankful for the experience, and I always love a new adventure. We were able to see so many beautiful things. We spent a day touring the Palace of Versailles and we ate lunch at the cutest little cafe. I loved all of the cafes in paris, I wish we had more of them here in the USA.  Tyler had never been to disney, so getting to go to disneyland in Paris was such a special experience for us, if  you go to Paris, its a must!

{ outfit deets } Hes wearing all things Express + my dress is from Lulus }




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