Dubai 2017

Hi guys, its Ashley I’m going into details from our Dubai trip today. Let me start by saying this is a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list! Before going to Dubai Savannah and I received totally mixed comments from friends and family, some being “Wow that’s amazing, what made you want to go there?” others being “That’s not safe, why would you want to go there?” One thing about Savannah and I though is we are both very strong minded and we love traveling and seeing other cultures, so no opinion was going to sway our choice to go.

Let’s start with booking the trip. Travelocity is my go to, it makes it super easy to compare flights and you always get the best deals on hotels. I did it all myself, no travel agent needed. I always start with finding the hotel/room and picking the dates I want. After the rooms booked  I move on to looking into which flights work best for me. I tend to always book everything separate. Sometimes it’s nice to bundle, however I feel most of the time it’s cheaper not to.

Jumping to take off day! We made our way to Chicago to catch our flight to Dubai. We choose to fly from Chicago for a couple of reasons; 1. It’s significantly cheaper flying out of Chicago rather than Louisville internationally, 2. They offer direct flights from Chicago to Dubai. We flew with Emirates, which we LOVED! The airline is so clean and keeps you super comfortable, it was a 15 hour flight so that mattered.  Emirates offers 3 full meals, a toothbrush and everything in between. If you op for business class your seat can be made into a bed! Oh and I can’t forget to mention the TVs on the back of every seat; needless to say I binge watched netflix most of the flight.

Arriving in Dubai was emotional, we were so excited to be there (Sav cried) and we felt so blessed. We were also very nervous because we had no idea what to expect after getting off the plane. As we walked through the airport (which is super nice by the way) we realize all the signs were in english and arabic, and it was actually really simple to find our way around. After we got our bags, we stopped to convert our money over to Dirhams, which is their currency. After exchanging our money and getting the luggage, we jumped in a cab and headed to our hotel.

Dubai is a beautiful place, it’s so over the top, everywhere you go is breathtaking. In the pictures above, you can see some of our favorite things that we did while in dubai. The desert was my personal favorite out of all of the days, it’s so peaceful. To top it off we had the best dinner buffet that night under the stars. We also got to go to the top of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, it had an amazing view! Ill list some of the must do’s below.

Another thing I want to mention is the dress code. Before going we were so confused and had read so many different articles and opinions on the topic. We wanted to be respectful to the culture, we thought Dubai would be more modest than being home (USA) but we found that you can wear what you want. The time we spent at the beach and pool we wore our normal bikinis and swimwear, thankfully. That being said I would still dress respectfully. It’s such a tourist spot you will see all walks of life there.

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