Dominican Republic!

Hi loves! Doing a post on my trip to Dominican Republic and why I love traveling! Also giving my honest opinion about this vacay and some travel dos and don’ts! Let’s start from the top, here’s TEN reasons why I think traveling is such a must.

  1. To Learn ( I think this is THE BEST way to educate yourself )
  2. Have adventures
  3. Because Life is too short
  4. To meet new people
  5. To feel more alive
  6. To know yourself
  7. To challenge yourself (nothing amazing comes from comfort zones)
  8. To experience cultures
  9. To not look back and wonder, what if?
  10. To make you appreciate home, but open your mind to different lifestyles

When traveling I always keep a simple outfit or swimsuit (if needed) in my carry on, in case there’s any baggage issues, ya never know!! I have also learned from experience to have something warm, weather its a hoodie, blanket, whatever in case you end up sleeping in the airport. They are all usually¬† freezing. I put my outfits together when packing, but I take random plain tanks and things for more options. Recently I invested in a hat suitcase, and let me tell you if you’re a hat person like me…it’s a lifesaver, so worth it.

This trip was super nice because its been freezing at home lately and Im such a beach person. We stayed in Punta Cana at Bavaro Princess All Suites Resort & Spa. Though over all the beach was beautiful and we had an amazing time, I will say it’s not my favorite place I’ve been. The resort rooms had some issues, for example our shower leaked and the beaches I’m guessing weren’t private, because as we were laying out people kept coming up trying to sell us things. That’s such a pet peeve for me, I just wanted to relax on the beach. Lastly they gave us wristbands to wear which was supper inconvenient. They ruin outfits and I just haven’t ever had to do that at other resorts in the past. It was definitely just little things, but it’s things I would have loved to know beforehand, as I may have chosen a different resort. Overall a beautiful place to visit.




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